General Presentation

Franco-Japanese Management Center (CFJM) from Dubos Alexandre on Vimeo.

You are here on the website of the Alumni Association of the Centre Franco-Japonais de Management (CFJM). Our point of departure was simple. Although the CFJM is the only school in France to offer a Master’s degree devoted to the Japanese business world, and many alumnis are holding now positions of responsibility, support to newcomers, connection between the alumnis and the newcomers, networking between alumnis themselves and finally school network dynamics are not working well. Thus, this website, which seeks to be the showcase of our association, considers its mission as follows:

  1. Support the alumni community, wherever they are today, and to create a network,
  2. Help new graduating class to prepare for their trip to Japan and to find some tips upon arrival,
  3. Explain the activities of the CFJM to those who are unfamiliar with the school.

Here you will find news about events organized by the association, discussion forum, job ads, articles of association and a directory of its members (access limited to members only). The CFJM Alumni Association and this website are  administered by former students on a voluntary basis. You can contact them by clicking on the “Contact the association” tab.

This website is the hub of your association. Give it life with your input !